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The company has not provided details on the website for the weight of the complete 5 piece collection. However, the weight of the carry-on bags has been mentioned on the web. The weight, naturally, depends upon the design of the bags and varies from 7 lbs to 10 lbs.


Chaps Luggage has been in the market since 1978 with various clothing and accessories product lines. The brand is owned by PRL USA Holdings Incorporation, having its office in New York, 10018, United States. The company has a website, but doesn't have an online store for its products on its own website. Continued below....

Chaps Luggage

Chaps Luggage is an organization operating since 1978. They make luggage bags in addition to other clothing and accessories.


There is a variety of Chaps Luggage sets available in the market, ranging from 5 pieces to 1 piece sets. The 5 piece sets come with 28.5 inches large upright wheeler, 24.5 inches small upright wheeler, 21 inches carry-on wheeler, 6 inches overnight travelling bag and a utility kit. The bags are made out of polyester and have a complete interior lining. Moreover, the handles come with a self-lock system. The utility kit is designed so as to avoid spills from toiletries.

The bags from Chaps Luggage are usually available in these 5-piece sets. However, their carry-on bags are available separately. The carry-on bags come with a standard size of 21 inches. They are all made of polyester as well. These bags have an expanding option, easily accessible pockets as well as wheels. They come in purple, wine and brown color.

Replacement Parts & Warranty

Although, the company does not sell replacement parts separately, it does offer a warranty on its products. All of the products, including the 5 piece sets and the carry-on bags have a 10 years limited manufacturer's warranty. Therefore, not having replacement parts will not be a problem as long as the warranty lasts.



The carry-on bags are not available separately on Amazon. The website only sells 5 piece luggage sets for this brand. There were not many customer reviews for the product, but those who did comment said that the product is not worth the money. Customers complained that the bags cannot handle frequent travelling. Those who purchased the bags said that they've worn out very quickly from the outside, as well as the inside. The zipper gets stuck on the largest piece and the hard pieces of plastic inside the bags to support the frame break down into pieces. This makes the luggage really floppy. The handles come off very frequently, suggesting poor quality of material used. All customers suggested that those who are looking to buy travelling bags should go for higher quality brands and should not spend their money on this one.


The customers left mixed reviews on the website. Some of the customers were very happy with the fabric, design, wheels, 10 year warranty and durability of the luggage, while others left negative reviews for the product. Customers were disappointed by the poor quality of handles that have been used in the luggage bags. For most of the customers, the handles broke even before they got to the airport. Others complained of the strong and unpleasant petroleum like odor that doesn't go away. The wheels bent and broke for a few customers after one-time use. Some also complained that the accessories that come with the bags such as pouches and water bottles were missing or broken.

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Chaps Luggage