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There are multiple brands in the market that offer cute and attractive luggage such as Rockland, LD bags, Melissa & Doug, Treasures & Treasures, Belvah, Scarlett's Bags, Laurex, Noodle head, Homedics, Clark & Mayfield etc.
There are also a number of private labels that have a variety of cute luggage products.

Cute Luggage Sets For Women

Luggage bag sets come in sets different numbers of luggage bags, ranging from two pieces a set to 6 pieces including a little bag for the shoes. Some sets have travelling bags for cosmetics and toiletries. Different brands are aiming at making the sets more attractive and cute for their women customers. These bags come in different cute patterns and color combinations. Some come with cute little trinkets to add a cute touch. Continued below....

Cute Luggage

Luggage makers are introducing element of cuteness into their product lines to attract the feminine customers. They have started to introduce a touch of adorability in their products. The main purpose of this is to give a pleasing effect to their product so that customers are attracted to it. Cute luggage lines include patterned duffle bags and suit cases, luggage with accessories, tiny tags in the shape of cute little animals, backpacks in different colors and patterns etc.

Cute Luggage Bags For Women

Luggage bags are one of the basic necessities of a travelling customer. Different brands are introducing products that are more than just a necessity. They add certain features to their luggage that women find attractive. Different brands are using different techniques to attract a fair market share. Some brands have introduced bags with animal shapes and pictures. Some are going with a variety of colors and patterns to make their product more unique and 'cute' as compared to others. Some include a little more of a distinctive pleasing feature that can be found attractive in the form of shapes and patterns.

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Cutest Luggage On Amazon

There are certain sets that are quite simple but come in certain shapes that make them unique as an individual item or as a set. Some even join together to form a singular shape. Some brands include Rockland, American Flyer, Travelon, LSI Home Products, DIO (with the more expressive pieces), Dahlia, Kate Aspen , Travel Smart etc. Some private labels which can be found on Amazon also host a variety of cute luggage sets.

Cute Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are an important part of the luggage as they help to identify your luggage. Nowadays many brands have started making tags that are more than just a tag. Brands have introduced them in shapes of cute animals with bright colors that are more eye-catching than a piece of paper. Many brands have come out with simple tags with certain shape and color combinations that can be considered quite cute. Brands make these tags cute by focusing on the shape, color and straps while some come up with a combination of each to produce with a cute tag; making these tags more than just a piece of identification. These cute tags have now become a trend and are quite impressive as well. Some of the brands producing these tags are Gifts, Kate Aspen, Lewis N.Clark, Broad Bay, Fou Fou Dog, Inventive Travelware, Lillian Rose, Kikkerland, Dogtags etc.

Cute Luggage with Wheels

Luggage bags with wheels are an important companion on long trip where one has an abundance of luggage. Brands have introduced a certain factor of cuteness in these luggage sets to increase the attractiveness of the bags, making them more than just an accessory. Doing so adds a more personal touch to the bags allowing the owners to form a little bit of attachment with their luggage. Some brands have introduced luggage bags that are animal shaped with wheels that are not only for the more expressive buyers but also attractive as luggage bags for children. There are different types of shapes from cute little insects to animal's patterns. Some wheeled bags employ simple patterns rather than shapes. Many consumers find these bags quite attractive and cute simply because of the uniqueness and standing off features. Some good brands are Rockland, American Flyer, Travelon, Gifts, Broad Bay, Melissa & Doug, Broad Bay, Stephen Joseph etc.

Cute Luggage for Kids

Brands have introduced a certain bit of cuteness in the luggage to attract the young buyers. Kids are more attracted to cute products in the shape of animals e.g. penguin shaped travel bag, butterfly shaped back pack, a light solid colored duffle bag or animal shaped travel bag with wheels. Such products attract kids as they prefer bags that are more cute and colorful as compared to a simple bag. Brands have incorporated this factor into their products include: skip hop, Melissa & Doug , Gifts , Stephen Joseph, Beatrix , Cool2day, Kreative Kids, Noodle head etc.

Cute Luggage