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Carry On Garment Bags

Carry On garment bags are garment bags with a long strap so that these bags can be carried-on on one's shoulders. This increases the utility of the garment bag even more. Brands that make Carry on Garment Bags are: Samsonite, Briggs and Riley, TUMI, Olympia, Delsey, Victorinox and Lug etc.

Garment Bags On Wheels

Garment Bags on wheels are another popular category. They are more functional than the carry on garment bags as the bag with wheels has the ability to be rolled on and about on the floor. They offer an easy way of carrying and roaming around with your clothes without weighing down on your shoulder and tiring you. Brands that make Garment bags on wheels are: Samsonite, Piel Leather, Travelwell, London Fog, Hartmann and Briggs & Rilley etc. Continued below....

Garment Bags

Garment Bags can be the hanging bags that can be fully zipped. They are used to carry clothes like jackets, suits and dresses etc. A garment bag is at times just like a luggage bag designed to carry one or two suits or dresses along with some documents etc. It is specifically designed for customers that have to take a lot of short period trips. A garment bag is useful because it saves the clothes from wrinkles and other environmental factors. Garment Bags are most useful while travelling, when one has a particularly important clothing item that must be kept relatively wrinkle free. They are also handy while travelling because of their ability to be folded in halves and thirds. This makes a garment bag easy to carry around.

For Travel

Garment Bags are a particular favorite of light weight and short duration trip travelers as these bags usually have a capacity to carry two suits or two dresses or a suit and a dress. Garment bags can also be water proof, saving the clothes inside from getting wet in case of rain.

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Garment Bags With Pockets

To further increase garment bags functionality, there are garment bags which have pockets. In case of a zipped up garment bag, these pockets are small and can only hold small items e.g. pins, pen or keys. Garment bags which are carry-on or are with wheels have bigger and sturdier pockets. They come very handy when one has to hold keys, passport, wallets and cards etc. Some pockets are on the outside while the others are hidden inside for important documents or cash. Some garment bags have pockets for laptop within it as well. These are especially designed for business men who travel on short notices and on short trips.

Garment Bags For Men

Garment Bags for Men are just that, garment bags, but are only different because of how they look. Generally garment bags for men are made of solid colors, such as black, brown or navy blue. They are tough and sturdier looking.
Garment Bags for men are typically made for carrying suits and jackets etc. One can shop for garment bags for men at online stores like Amazon, macy's, ebag etc.

Garment Bags For Women

Carry on Garment bags with the ability to be zipped up and capacity of holding a dress or two are famous with women, especially business women. There are also garment bags for women which are specifically made to transport their wedding or bridesmaids dresses. These bags are often found in cute colors and patterns.

Garment bags with wheels and pockets etc. for women are no different than garment bags for men. This is because of the fact that a garment bag is purely a requirement and need of usually business people who only need to carry only a dress or suit with them for their business trips and meetings.

Garment Bags