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They make useful, complete matching sets that can be used by individuals or family. They are meant to improve your ability to neatly organize your packing.

Some sets offer on element that can be used as carry-on luggage. Most popular choices include Traveler's Choice, American Tourister, Rockland Luggage Fashion, Beverly Hills Country Club and CalPak. Most brands offer a variety of colors and styles to suit classic and fresh styles. All pieces come with wheels and telescopic handles for ease of handling.

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Hard Sided Luggage

Hard sided luggage offers the advantage of additional toughness, stain resistance and durability. They are usually moulded and heavier than their soft counterparts. Most hard sided luggage does include wheels and straps for easy maneuvering but has been reviewed as less smooth on the wheels than the soft-sided versions. This option is useful for those looking to protect delicate or fragile items on long trips. They are not totally protected against heavy blows but will offer substantially more security than the soft versions. Hard sided luggage offers better waterproofing. It is easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, it can safely be used to stack another bag on top when your luggage needs to be transported on trolley.



Hard Sided luggage sets usually come in sets of three pieces, in three different sizes.

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Top Selling Hard Sided Luggage Sets On Amazon

With Wheels

Wheels are convenient features to have on any suitcase. With hardsided luggage, wheels are particularly useful to counter the weight and seeming bulk of the hardside. Some brands even offer spinner wheels on select models. Reviewers have highlighted the importance of sturdy and well-fitted wheels on hardsides, as the consequences of poor quality tend to be particularly inconvenient for the hardsides’ handling. Samsonite continues to remain among the most popular choices worldwide, with substantial positive feedback on their range of hardside luggage.

For Kids

The additional toughness and durability of hardsided luggage make it an advantageous option for kids. The colorful style options are also a plus. Most buyers value durability in anything bought for children and this value is reflected considerably in reviews for children's hardsided luggage. Some brands offer suitcases moulded to fun shapes like ladybugs, penguins, pandas, monsters, cars and such popular toy shapes. They may look like toys but they're tough enough to measure up to their adult versions. Disney Collection By Heys, Melissa & Doug, TrendyKid offer fun themes on their children's hardsided luggage models.


Spinners are basically suitcases fitted with four wheels. They are named as such because they can be spun in any direction, as opposed to two-wheeled suitcases which can only be moved front or back. Spinners can move sideways too. Spinner suitcases can be spun into a 360 degree turn. This innovative feature makes transporting the suitcase easier. Samsonite spinners are among the topselling, most popular items in the category. Delsey, Heys USA, Travelers Choice, Rimowa, International Traveller and Beverly Hills Country Club also offer highly popular hardside spinners.


User reviews on bestselling hardside luggage models on Amazon are largely promising. The basic parameters for judgment generally include value, looks, durability, utility and handling. Reviewers rate the hardsides as substantially tougher and more resilient than their softside relatives, with many reviewers offering personal accounts of their hardside luggage withstanding powerful knocks. Samsonite, Rockland, Delsey, American Tourister, Travelers Choice are among the top performers on the site and have received positive feedback from new and seasoned users.

Hard Sided Luggage