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Product Lines

Houndstooth: The Jessica Simpson Houndstooth collection consists of 2 luggage bags. One is the 24 inches upright rolling expandable spinner and the other is a smaller suitcase of 20 inches carry-on spinner. The bags have a sophisticated black and white houndstooth print on them with a lined interior and a number of pockets that are
easy to access while on the go. The 24’ rolling suitcase allows the traveler to expand it to fit in more luggage. It is made out of 1200D polyester (printed) and has a patented trim to it. The bag also comes with a recessed locking handle system that works on the push of a button. Continued below....

Jessica Simpson Luggage

Jessica Simpson is a famous recording artist, TV and Hollywood actress who turned into a fashion designer. She designs luggage bags, among many others things such as dresses, hand bags and sunglasses. Her luggage bags are designed to be unique, with lots of space, including expandable compartments. What makes them unique from other usual luggage bags is that they have different, catchy and unusual patterns. This makes them easy to spot on an airport luggage carousel, which is a common
problem faced by travelers. The unique designs make it easy for the travelers to spot their bags, hence making travelling hassle free.


Sets: Her luggage sets usually consist of a combination of 24’ and 28’ inches upright rolling expandable spinners. However, some of the collection sets also include 20’ inch versions of these upright rolling expandable spinners as well as 13.5’ travel totes. The bags come with carrying handles on the top, bottom as well as the side, which makes it easy to lift them. The bags are usually made out of 1000D polyester with a 150 D polyester lining which is heat stamped. Moreover, they come with several interior pockets, making it easier to sort the luggage out.

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Jessica Simpson Luggage
Top Selling Sets On Amazon

The suitcase weights 10.16 lbs and has the following dimensions:

-16 inches Width
-24 inches Height
-7.75 inches Depth (which can be increased to up to 2 inches on expansion)

The carry-on suitcase comes with the same specifications and material. The only difference is that of the weight and dimensions. The carry on houndstooth suitcase weights
8.88lbs and has the following dimensions:

-14 inches Width
-20 inches Height
-6.75 inches Depth (which can be increased to up to 2 inches on expansion)

This suitcase meets the carry on requirements of almost all of airlines.

Paisley: Jessica Simpson's Paisley collection comes in 3 sizes: 28’, 24’ and 20’. The suitcases have a floral pattern on them and are available in green and magenta color. This collection consists of plastic polycarbonate composite bags with wheels that spin at a 360 degrees angle. The interior of the bags are fully lined and contain several compartments and zipped pockets. The carry-on bags also meet the requirements of domestic and international airlines.

Spoonful for Sugar Paisley: This collection is very similar to the paisley collection. It has the same paisley pattern on it; the only difference is that this one is made of Crinkle Nylon and a patented PVC trim. The bag comes with wet pouch which can be detached and 2 shoe bags for the ease of travelers.

Goldmine: The Goldmine collection comes in black and red colors with sophisticated golden accents and an animal print interior. The collection consists of a 24’ suitcase and a travelling tote. The bags have an artificial leather trim and are spacious and durable.

Leopard: The leopard collection comes in both polyester as well as hardside exterior. The collection comes in a natural leopard color as well as purple and in 3 standard sizes of 28’, 24’ and 20’ cases. This collection has the same specifications and dimensions as the others, but weights a little more than all other collections.


The products
received great reviews on all websites including Amazon and Macys. Customers commented that the bags are elegant and unique. The found them to be easy to handle with the zipped compartments, option to expand and the extra lifting handles. People loved how they were easy to locate on a luggage carousel. There was only 1 negative review by a customer who stated that her bags have worn out quickly. The customers did not leave their comments regarding the product on Dillards.


The products have a varying range for warranty. Some come with a 5 year warranty, while others have up to 10 years of warranty. The duration varies from collection to collection. Having
5-10 years of warranty suggests that the product is a safe-buy.