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However, a quality option can be shopped for discerningly without the outlay of a sum exceeding a moderately reasonable budget. Reviewers agree that the investment in such a piece pays its worth in the long run.

The ever-popular Samsonite range is well received by reviewers. The Carlton and Antler ranges are also noted for their exceptional value, durability and convenience. The steeper Brics and Rimowa ranges rank high on toughness and style as per user and industry reviews. Ricardo Beverly Hills, Victorinox, TravelPro, American Tourister and Delsey have also received considerable recommendations from buyers. On the steeper side, Britto by HEYS USA and Tumi are popular. Some international fashion houses also offer ready and custom made lightweight luggage, as per season or style; these are priced accordingly.

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Lightest Luggage

Lightweight luggage brings new meaning to the term ‘packing light’. Innovative designs and breakthrough materials are propelling the popularity of lightweight luggage. There are several luggage brands and manufacturers on the market offering a range of lightweight products to suit a variety of requirements and budgets.

Lightest Luggage For Air Travel

Durable, lightweight suitcases and carry bags are especially popular with air travelers, given that luggage weight can be a constraint when packing for or returning from a trip via flight.


Consumers can choose between a number of options for brands of lightweight luggage, largely categorized by budget. There is a general trend towards the lightest of the light luggage brands charging a premium for their top products.

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Lightest Luggage Sets On Amazon

Carry On Bags

Highly recommended carry-on bags include options from the popular Samsonite, Delsey, Eagle Creek, Travelpro, American Tourister ranges. Well-received Tumi and the Briggs and Riley range of carry on bags have been appreciated for their sleek lines and durable fixtures. The Eagle Creek range offers a less expensive range that also ticks off reviewer boxes on style, sturdiness and handling. The steeper Victorinox range is noted for its durability and looks. Delsey, Samsonite and Ricardo Beverly Hills offer popular bestselling models. Reviewer expectations usually center on these parameters: value within price segment, style, durability, capacity, handling and convenience. The pricier options tend to be reviewed consistently on the appreciative side. The mid-range and below options win over in the value aspect and occupy a number of the bestselling positions on several online luggage stores and review sites.


The popular Samsonite Cosmolite features a moulded thermoplastic case and a combination lock that has a built-in TSA exception. The inner body features full lining and the lid carries a zipped mesh pocket. The suitcase ?gives? but is tough nonetheless, as reviewers note. The suitcase features a side handle and is meant to be scratch-proof. Reviewers counter the price by pointing out the quality guarantee of the Samsonite brand.

Another well-received model, the Rimowa Salsa Air is made with ridged aluminum designed to endure heavy duty use. The Salsa Air is made with a super-light polycarbonate. The Rimowa also features the TSA function with a recessed combination lock. The telescopic handles and top/side handles have been noted for their withstanding powers, while the wheels in the suitcase are exceptionally smooth. The inside features two separate zipped mesh compartments.
The Carlton Titanium Expandable Trolley Case offers value for money coupled with proven durability. The suitcase has been constructed with nylon, dual wheels, an expandable gusset that can be zipped, TSA function combination lock, and a strong telescopic handle. The inside case is fully lines and features straps, zippered pocket and a corresponding one in the lid. Reviewers recommend the Carlton Titanium option highly a budget purchase.

The Antler Size Zero and Duolite versions are also well-reviewed by user and industry sources alike. Popular for their value, durability and elegant lines, the Antler lightweight range has been subjected to considerably positive reviews from a variety of critical sources.

Lightest Luggage