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The bags come with backpack straps which don't take up a lot of space and are handy for unexpected occasional need. The bag is made out of nylon, but is without padding, which makes it lighter than other bags that come with padding. There's a compartment to slide down laptop notebook and a few other flaps in the front.


The products are
not available on Amazon and there were no reviews for the product on ebay. However, we did find a number of reviews on JCpenney from customers who bought the product. There were a number of negative reviews from customers stating the bags lack durability. A few customers reported that the zippers came off on their first use and the wheels bent and stopped working after the first trip. For some customers, the bottom got completely separated from the sides making it unusable.

There were complaints that the bags are actually smaller than they look in the pictures. The sides of some bags completely ripped off for a few customers on their first use. The wheels are of a poor quality and come off very quickly, causing inconvenience. Those who gave the product a positive rating stated that they love how the colours are easy to spot on an airport. They found them to be durable. Some frequent travelers had been using them for over 12 years with no complaints. Continued below....

Protocol Luggage

Protocol Luggage makes travelling bags which are usually in the form of sets of 3 to 7 pieces sets.


There is a wide variety of Protocol Luggage sets available in the market. The products are usually available in the form of sets of 3,4,5,6 and 7 piece sets. Therefore, it is difficult to find a separate carry-on bag. However, there are a few available on some online retail stores. The carry-on bags have standard dimensions of 20’ & 14’ & 8’. The bags are
very inexpensive and affordable with a tall and skinny shape and a taper on the top. The design makes it easy to handle and to put them in an overhead bin on an airplane.

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Fine Lanka Luggage PVT Ltd is the company that makes Protocol Luggage bags, along with those of Travel Gear and Atlantic. It is based in the Export Processing Zone, Katunayake, Sri Lanka. The company
does not have a website. Following are the contact details of the company:

Telephone: 0094-112252681-2
Fax: 0094-112252680
Contact Person: Mr. Lee.

Customer Service

The company
does not have a direct customer service centre. Customers usually contact the online retailer stores for complaints; the stores then resolve the issues directly with the company.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are
not available for the bags manufactured by Protocol Luggage.


JCPenney, which is one of the major online sellers for Protocol Luggage handles all the complaints for repairs. The website repairs the bags for those customers who still have them under warranty.


The website doesn't offer a warranty on its own. However, they do facilitate and acknowledge the
5-year warranty provided by the manufacturers of Protocol Luggage.

Protocol Luggage