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White and black zebra stripes are popular patterns with the females. With females being attracted to zebra patterned clothes, glasses, shoes, hand bags, curtains etc., luggage is no different. It is not uncommon now to see large variety of luggage which has zebra pattern on it. Apart from the natural white and black, other color combinations can also be seen being used.

Zebra Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are small rectangular or circular piece of tag, either made of leather or PVC, where the owner writes his or her information. These luggage tags are then attached to the luggage so that the luggage can be identified or returned to the owner in case it is lost. Needless to say, luggage tags are a necessary luggage accessory. Many brands that make luggage tags are now doing so in zebra patterns. They offer the functionality and utility of a luggage tag, but with style and are aimed towards specific sector of customers i.e. Females. Brands that offer tags with a zebra pattern are: Belle Hop, Travel Smart, Lewis N. Clark, Bookstone and Miamica etc. All these brands can be found on Amazon.

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Zebra Luggage

Luggage bags consist of suit cases, tote bags, garment bags, duffel bags and backpacks etc. Luggage bags are used while one is travelling for transporting clothes, toiletries and shoes etc.
These bags have a large capacity for storing clothing items and shoes etc.

Brands that make luggage have been making them in all sorts of colors, patterns and designs to attract more customers. One of the popular patterns found among luggage is the
Zebra Pattern.

Zebra luggage consists of luggage bags which have the functionality of a normal luggage bag, but its design and pattern is that of a zebra's skin.

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Hard Case

A Hard Case Luggage is the most functional travel item. Owning to its water proof and hard surface, articles and items inside are relatively safe from the environment. Hard case zebra luggage is now available at many branded shops and in a variety of sizes. Some of these brands are: Nicole Miller, Heys, American Flyer, Rockland, CalPak etc.


A luggage set usually consists of 3 hard case luggage bags along with 1 or 2 smaller bags. Luggage sets are popular with families or with people who travel for a lot of days. These sets are available in zebra pattern and are popular buy with women. Brands which offer zebra luggage sets are: Rockland, American Flyer, Millennium, Gloria Vanderbilt, Brookstone, US Traveler, Olympia, Luxury Divas etc.


Zebra luggage comes in colors other than the typical white and black. Usually the trim of the bag is of different color, popular among which is pink trim and blue trim.
Pink Trim
Brands: U.S. Traveler, scarlettsbags, ecWorld and other private labels etc.
Blue Trim
Brand: Jenzys, scarlettsbags and other private labels etc.

Seeing how such a large variety of brands offer zebra patterned bags, luggage cases and sets goes to show just how popular this pattern is in the luggage market.

Zebra Luggage Products On Amazon

Zebra Luggage